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Dogs Travel Bags: How to Choose What to Buy

More of us are now traveling with our dogs.

Whether it’s through choice or not, it’s important to be organised. Driving, flying, taking the train or bus? It doesn’t matter. Taking our pets anywhere requires planning and often, a little shopping, too.

This post looks at dogs travel bags.

This simple description covers a wide range of different products. It’s also a term that’s used in two different product ranges. We’ll cover both in this post. But dogs travel bags can include:

1) A bag to store a dog’s things in such as puppy training pads, food, toys or paperwork.

2) A pet carrier

Things to Consider Before Buying

What sort of traveling are you doing with your dog?

Airlines have strict regulations about carrying pets. Your shopping choices must reflect this. Traveling by car gives you more flexibility on the size and material of the bag. You can also tailor it to your dog’s specific behaviour or needs. Owners going hiking with dogs will need to consider the weight and shape of travel bags. Bags used for veterinarian or groomer appointments often won’t need such vigorous scrutiny.   

Measuring your dog before buying a carrier is important. Manufacturers use different sizing methods when they’re labelling small, medium and large. Knowing the correct size for your dog is half the battle. It also saves you the stress of having to send unsuitable items back.

Weigh your dog, too. All carriers have a weight limitation.

Check the airline’s regulations if you’re traveling by plane. Go to the website or talk to a customer service agent. Blogs and websites can be very helpful for advice but information can change quickly. You don’t want to be following outdated information. The same goes for traveling on public transport, too.

Lots of carriers say they’re airline approved. Really, there’s no such thing. It just means that they’ve followed the general guidance. Airlines have strict regulations when it comes to carrying pets. Your shopping choices must reflect this. Compare the dog travel bag you want with the current guidelines for the airline you’re flying with. Don’t get pulled into marketing promises; they may not apply to your travel arrangements.

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Dog Travel Bags That Fit Under Airplane Seats:

Pet Ami

Airlines have different sizing regulations. The general rule is that a dog travel bag or carrier must be able to fit under the seat. This gives a height measurement of around 9 inches. Soft carriers will compress slightly but stick to the measurements where you can.

This Pet Ami dog travel bag keeps all your dog’s things in one place: food, paperwork and toys.

We love that it comes with food containers and a collapsible water cup. Ideal for space-saving during travel. It comes in a range of bold colours, too, so it’s one of the more stylish options available.


Comes in medium and large sizing

The medium size is 14.5 x 8 x 12 inches

Total bag volume: 22 litres

Comes in a range of colors

Material: Polyester

Multiple pockets

Adjustable strap

Water repellent

Leakproof inner lining

Includes 2 food containers and 2 collapsible bowls


It’s suitable for the cabin of most airlines but again you should always double-check before purchasing and traveling.

Is more fashion-forward than other dog bags with its choice of colors. We really love how attractive the general design is. It shows that form and function can meet even in a dog travel bag!

Easy to stay organised as there are several large and small pockets. People who have purchased this item appreciate the range of items they can store inside it: leashes, treats, bedding, and medicines etc. It makes it easier to keep everything together.

It’s easy to carry on the shoulder. Don’t forget that your comfort is important, too. This makes it suitable for people of different heights.

You don’t have to buy additional food containers (or pack your own). The fact that they’re collapsible is great for space-saving. Great for when you’re on the road and need to pull over for a rest break.


Several reviewers have reported a defect with the zipper. It’s still useable but obviously, disappointing to those affecting.

Dog Travel Bag UK

For our readers in the UK, he’s another dog travel bag to look at.

Siivton 4 Sides Expandable Pet Carrier

For those looking for a dog travel bag that carries a dog, then we really like this one. It’s got thousands of positive reviews, too. We love how it expands outwards. Once you’re in the air, unzip the expandable sides and your dog has a little more wiggle-room. It’s great for the backseat of a vehicle, too.


The large is 18 x 11 x 11 inches. Expanded fully it measures 38 x 30 x 11 inches. And is suitable for pets up to 14 pounds.

The extra-large is 20 x 12.4 x 11 inches and fully expands to 41 x 32.4 x 12.4 inches. And is suitable for pets up to 20 pounds.

4-sides expand outwards to create additional space

You can use the handles and the adjustable strap to carry it or slide it down over a suitcase handle.

It’s washable

Mesh windows to provide good ventilation and an all-round view

Meets most airline standards

Double-sided inner pad and sturdy base-board for support

There’s a side pocket

There’s a clip inside for added security


Your dog will have more space to lie down in which will be so useful on a flight.

We really like the leash clip inside for added peace of mind when traveling

The side pocket can be a lifesaver if you’re traveling with important paperwork

This has an attractive design

Lots of reviewers have left photographs and videos in their reviews so you can see this product in action.


Several reviews have said that whilst they like the carrier, they don’t think it’s sturdy enough. They would have liked to have seen a more robust framework around the carrier.

Dog Travel Bags with Wheels: Coopeter

Carriers with wheels make it easier to navigate terminals and urban areas. The dog is safe but you also get to go hands-free for your own benefit, too.

We love that the wheel platform is detachable. On some products, they don’t come off at all which can make them difficult to fold flat and may even make them too bulky to travel with. Fortunately, this makes is a more versatile carrier.


It includes a soft comfortable bed inside

The carrier’s size is 12.2 x 19.7 x 11.8 inches

Two straps are included so you can carry it by hand

Additionally, there’s a no-slip adjustable shoulder strap

It’s easy to assemble

The four-wheel platform is detachable

It’s got a four-sided mesh surround

It’s approved by most airlines


Easier to carry than traditional dog bags which have shoulder or hand straps

Different carrying options make it a versatile option

The mesh gives it great ventilation and your dog has a good view

It folds flat when not in use so it’s great for occasional trips

The fleece bed is not only comfortable but it can be removed and then machine-washed


You need to remove the wheel platform for it to be airline compliant. If you’re traveling light, then this won’t be ideal.

Dogs travel bags that fit over suitcase handle

It’s hard to underestimate the benefits of being hands-free when traveling. This is rarely as true as when you’re going from A to B with a dog. Rolling a suitcase along and then holding a separate carrier isn’t ideal. Sliding the carrier onto your suitcase handle lets you more easily and it keeps dog close and secure.

This is a stylish dog travel bag. It would definitely blend in well with the rest of your luggage.


The size is 16 x 11 x 8 inches

Water repellent material and leak-proof lining

It includes 2 collapsible bowls

Includes a water-resistant placement

Multi-functional pockets

Removable inside pocket

Suitable for most airlines


It’s an attractive design

Save space when traveling by using the collapsible bowls

The waterproof placemat is useful if you’re staying overnight in a hotel. If your pet is sensitive to new smells then it takes their food off the floor.

There’s the option to make more space by removing the interior divider or using the pockets. This is great when you’re traveling.


It only comes in one colour which some reviewers said was a shame

Henkelion Dog Carrier 

If you’re looking for a pet carrier that does the same, then you can fit this one over the suitcase handle.


It comes in medium and large

The medium size is 15 x 9 x 9 and is suitable for pets up to 15 pounds

It has a range of colors available

It has two connecting loop handles for balance

There’s an adjustable and padded shoulder strap

It’s waterproof

It’s got mesh windows

It includes a fleece bed

It’s suitable for most airlines (but not Southwest or Alaska )

It has a side pocket

There’s a safety leash


If you’re anxious about your dog escaping, the safety leash can help give you peace of mind especially if you’re in an airport or public transport terminal.

There’s good ventilation around the whole carrier

The comfortable bed is included and it looks very cosy!

The mesh is anti-scratch so there’s less chance of an escape


It’s not suitable for Alaska or Southwestern airlines

Both the manufacturer and the seller say there’s the chance of a strong chemical smell when unboxed.

Dog Backpacks: Kurgo

Backpacks won’t be everyone’s first thought. They are becoming more popular, though, and for good reason. Some people use them to take smaller dogs hiking. Others use them when shopping in town or helping injured or ill dogs get some fresh air.


It’s suitable for dogs up to 25 pounds

There’s a swivel tether to help keep your dog secure

The product size is 12 x 21 x 10 inches

It’s suitable for most airlines

It has a waterproof bottom and a water-resistant top.

It’s stain-resistant

The interior is machine-washable

It has a padded compartment for your dog

And there’s also pockets so you can keep your items inside.

The straps can be stowed away

There’s mesh-ventilation


It’s great to see a backpack that’s suitable for bigger dogs

Good for hiking. It’s more weather-resistant than some of the more urban options. And there’s back support and plenty of adjustable straps for comfort and stability.

This is an attractive dog travel bag

The leash strap and the padded interior means your dog will be safe but comfortable.


It’s more expensive than other options

Of course, not everyone wants a hiking backpack for their dog. There’s a more urban-friendly option, too.

Dog travel bags for cheap

It’s usually worth spending a little extra on dog travel bags. Quality doesn’t always mean paying a fortune. Most are pretty affordable, but if you’re on a super-tight budget then here’s a couple that still have great reviews but which come in at under $16.

MuchL Small Dog Carrier


It’s lightweight

It has a removable base insert

Includes side-pockets

15.7 x 7.6 x 9.8 inches

It’s compliant with most airlines

4-sided mesh panels


It has a high rating from past customers and seems to represent good value for money

Good selection of pockets for storage

Good visibility and ventilation

Simple design


Only really suitable for small cats

Some customers have reported a strong chemical smell after unboxing

There’s another couple of bags that also come in at under $20 but which have reasonably good reviews.


We hope we’ve given you something to think about. Hopefully, you’ve at least got a better understanding of the different types of dogs travel bags out there.

If you’re looking for something more like a dog sling, we have an older article that you might find useful 🙂

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