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Buying Sloping Dog Crates for Cars

Picking up a regular dog cage is easy but there are fewer sloping dog crates for cars on the market. That’s what inspired us to write this post. We wanted to share some of the most popular angled cages available on the internet. When you own a hatchback or an estate then sloping dog crates are often the best option. They’re easier to fit into the boot and can be pushed upright against the rear seats. They’re also used in 4-wheel drive vehicles because they create room for other things like shopping, luggage and dog travel bags.

Choosing the right crate is important. Our dogs have to fit inside and be comfortable enough to stand up, lie down and turn around. The crate must also fit inside the car, and there is often a huge variation in vehicle sizes. We shouldn’t forget either that crates keep our dogs safe when we’re driving. They can also help anxious dogs stay calm in the car by encouraging a dog’s natural denning instinct. We’ve added a brief section on what you should look for when buying a sloping dog crate for the boot. You’ll also find descriptions for each product. These include features, pros, cons, and links to each crate.

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What Should You Look for in a Sloping Dog Crate?

You’ll need to measure your dog as well as the boot of your car before buying a crate. Your dog should have enough room to stand up, lie down, and turn around. Don’t rely on the manufacturer’s product description even if it states that it will fit your car.

Crates often have a maximum weight limit. Make sure your dog doesn’t exceed this.

Look at the latches. It’s important that your dog is secure and safe. You may need to consider your dog’s personality and how likely it is they are to try and escape. Many of the crates that we’ve included below have chew-proof trays. You should also consider the materials during manufacturing. The crates that we’ve selected are made from a variety of materials including metal, alloy, plastic, aluminium, and engineered wood.

Most cages will either have one or two lockable doors. Two can be useful for larger dogs or if you need easy access. You may prefer a door that slides across rather than one that opens out.

How easy is the crate to set up and carry around? Many sloping dog crates for cars are collapsible which makes for easy storage when not in use. This may be an important consideration if you’re living in an apartment.

Removable trays should be sturdy and easy to clean. These may be made from plastic or metal. Sometimes they’re made from fabric.

Some come with a fleece bed for the dog to sit on. Others don’t and you’ll need to buy your own.

We’d recommend clicking through and reading through the comments and reviews for each product if you’re unsure. Written by genuine customers, they often include photographs and videos. It can help shape your opinion of a specific crate.

Small Sloping Dog Crate: Ellie-Bo Sloping Puppy Cage 24” Folding Dog Crate

Ellie-Bo is one of the most popular manufacturers of sloping crates. The brand also does a medium 30” cage which is a bestseller and may be suitable for adult or larger dogswe’ve listed it below. This smaller cage also doesn’t slope at the back. We really like how this comes with a fleece liner.


It’s black

It’s made from alloy steel and metal

Product dimensions: H 51cms x L 60cms x W 46cms.

The bars are 4mm bars.

A fleece liner included

The weight of the crate is 7.73 kg

There’s one door with a heavy-duty latch


It’s easy to store when not needed. The entire crate folds down which makes it easy to carry and move around.

The metal tray in the base is removable which makes it easy to clean. It’s also non-chew.

There’s a fleece liner included which makes the crate more comfortable. It also saves you buying a separate liner or adding one of your own.


Several reviewers have said that it rattles when the car is in motion.

Cozy Pet Deluxe Car Dog Cage

Unlike the small Ellie-Bo cage that we’ve listed above, this sloping dog crate for cars slopes at the back as well as the front. We like that there’s also an option to purchase a cage that has a pink sheepskin bed.


It’s black

It’s made from metal

Product dimensions: 62 x 44.5 x 49.5 cm

The product’s weight is 4.3 kilograms

There’s a removable base for easy cleaning

It has two doors


Sloping at the front and back of the crate allows it to go into the boot easily.

The two doors make accessibility easier

It’s collapsible and easy to store.

The black finish reduces glare


The seller does not allow free returns so make sure you’ve measured your dog and car before buying so you have the right size.

Base isn’t that strong.

Large Sloping Dog Crates for Cars UK: Casaria Dog Car Crate

This crate looks different to the other sloping dog crates that we’ve included.  It comes in different sizes, too, which will be good news if you have a larger dog. The manufacturer says that its crates fit inside all common estate cars because they’ve been built with a trapezoidal design (you should still check). There’s also a medium and an extra-large size available, too.


It’s made from engineered wood and aluminium

It’s water and weather-resistant

And it weighs 10kg

The product dimensions are L 90cm x W 66cm x H 72cm

The slop is front-facing


It comes in three different sizes (the XL-has a removable interior separator)

It’s Easy to assemble and easy to clean


Some people have said that smaller dogs may be able to squeeze through the bars. If you have a smaller dog, then we’d recommend buying a smaller crate.

Ellie-Bo Deluxe Sloping Dog Crates for Cars – Medium 30 inch

This is one of the bestsellers, and this is the larger version of the first cage that listed. Many of the features are the same but the dimensions are different.


It’s black

It’s made from alloy steel and metal

Product dimensions H x 54 cm, L x 76 cm, W x 54 cm

It has thick 4mm bars

It folds down flat

The metal tray is easily removable and can be wiped down

The fleece liner is included

There’s a heavy-duty latch


It includes a fleece liner for your dog’s comfort

It’s easy to assembly

It folds down quickly and easily when not in use

The base is easy to clean

It also includes a training guide


Some reviewers have said that the base is too small

Sloping dog crates for hatchbacks: Easipet Small 24” Sloping Folding

This is another smaller sloping dog crate but one that’s specifically advertised for hatchbacks. Although, it’s worth noting that almost all the items on this list should also be suitable for hatchbacks. Details are a little scant for this product. We’ve included it because it still seems to rate highly, and it might be entirely suitable for what you need.


It’s black

Product dimensions: L 61cm x W 46.5cm x H 50cm

It’s 24” which should fit most cars

There’s a removable tray

One door on the front of the crate


It’s foldable for easy storage

The manufacturer says it’s made from materials with a non-toxic coating


There’s a slide-lock which won’t be suitable for dogs with a history of escaping from crates

Some reviewers have said that the base does not fit into the bottom of the crate very well.

Arrow Pet World 38″ Sloping for Hatchbacks, Estates and 4X4s

We really like that there’s a UK customer service helpline for this product. This is a larger sloping dog crate for hatchbacks (and other cars).

We really like that there’s a UK customer service helpline for this product. This is a larger sloping dog crate for hatchbacks (and other cars).


It’s made from metal alloy and plastic

There’s a sliding bolt locking mechanism

It’s been designed specially for hatchbacks and estates to maximise boot space.

Product dimensions: W 97cm H 68cm D 65cm at the base

It’s 38”

There’s a spring-loaded top that releases in the event of an accident.

It folds down and is lightweight to carry

Anti-slip bedding included

There’s a waterproof removable tray


The sliding door gives the owner more control when opening the front

The spring-loaded top is easily accessible

It’s easy to assemble

The bars are thicker than other models


The base isn’t solid but instead is waterproof fabric so you’ll need to add a cushion or something to prevent your dog feeling the wire base.

We hope you’ve found our post on sloping dog crates for cars helpful. If nothing else, we hope it’s given you something to think about and a jumping-off point for you to explore further options.

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