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Can Dogs Have Squash?

We regularly cook with squash.  It’s a versatile ingredient and as colorful as it is healthy and affordable. Butternut and spaghetti squash are two of our favourites, so we use them a lot in soups, stews and curries, but we’re big fans of pumpkins, too, especially pumpkin pie (who isn’t?). We’ve written a series of …

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Can Dogs Eat Bran Flakes?

We’ve said it before: we’re big fans of breakfast cereal.  There are always open boxes in our cupboards.  We revealed in our last post that our dog likes Weetabix and that sometimes we also let him slurp up the last few shreddies left in the bowl.  However, the more we read the more we realised …

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Can Dogs Eat Weetabix?

We love breakfast cereal in our house and get through boxes and boxes of the stuff.  Our dog seemed to love it too.  He’s a sneaky thing, and we’ve caught him lapping up the milk-mush remains of our breakfast a few times. We didn’t always realise the potential dangers of feeding our dog food made …

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