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Can Dogs Eat Yellow Rice?

We’re used to giving our dog white rice whenever he has an upset stomach. We’ve never really considered yellow rice as an option, even though we often have it when we’re eating Indian or Spanish food. 

Yellow rice is white rice, but it’s coloured with either turmeric or saffron. 

Both are generally considered to be safe in small doses. There haven’t been many studies into turmeric or saffron. Although, turmeric is used by some owners as an anti-inflammatory and used in treating conditions like osteoarthritis. You can also buy turmeric capsules to add to food or add small teaspoon amounts to food bowls. Interestingly, people also use turmeric for its anti-inflammatory properties and treat chronic joint complaints. Some types of dog food will include small amounts of turmeric to make the food look and smell more appealing to dogs. 

According to the Future You Health website, if you’re interested in using turmeric in your dog’s food, the dose should match your dog’s size. For example, they suggest 1/4 teaspoon for dogs less than 10 kilograms or 1 teaspoon for dogs that are 41 kilograms or heavier. 

Rice is easy to digest, so it’s often prescribed by veterinarians if a dog has a stomach upset or after surgery. White rice is easier on the stomach than brown rice, but it has a higher glycemic index, so it’s not suitable for dogs with diabetes. Brown rice has more vitamins and minerals than white rice, and you can use either as the basis for a yellow rice dish. 

Homemade yellow rice is straightforward, but you can also buy it from grocery stores. It’s always essential to check the ingredients on the packet before feeding it to your dog (or anything). This is because manufacturers often add other things which may be unsuitable for our pets. For example, onions and garlic may be added ingredients, and they’re both toxic to dogs. Store-bought yellow rice may also contain sodium, which should be avoided in large doses. 

Ultimately, yellow rice is generally considered acceptable for dogs. It’s generally fine when it’s made from just rice and small doses of saffron or turmeric. 

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